2frame, 10 years: come with us, do you want a coffee? Let's talk.

10 years is not for everyone. Several marriages break before that. Several companies close in their first year. In 10 years a child is born and reaches the 4th grade. It's been a long time.

10 years ago, after a lot of conversation moved to a lot of coffee, after much thought, calculation, design, dreams, two people opened the 2frame Consulting and Technical Analysis, now 2frame Analytics (2frame for friends).

A new proposal for the Brazilian market. There were already some Statistics companies, but one that integrated analysis in general, covering what would later consist of Analytics, and meeting any sector of the economy - just us, 2frame.

One that was aimed to solve questions. To advise, to subsidize the decisions of our clients, so that they could pave their decision making with accurate and precise analysis, as symbolized in our drawing.

Some clients ask us why we have this name. It's a weird name indeed (talking on the phone is even harder). Well, it is closely connected with the idea of what we do. We create/find the frame, the underlying structure of the problem that the client has, in order to explain structurally the process for the client, and it can learn about its problem and plan. And the 2? The two partners, of course. ;)

To celebrate our 10 years, from now on Quick Analytics! will be our communication channel, we will talk about Analytics, Big Data, Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and all areas related to supplying a decision maker with analysis for decision.

QA! will be our direct and frank conversation channel with all stakeholders. We want to spread the idea that analysis is critical today. More than that: they are essential.

And all this will be subject to our next posts.

So, did you like our coffee?

Analytics is about solving problems, no matter what they are and where they come from.

We ask again:

Do you already use Analytics for decision-making in your company?

Originally posted on 05/30/2016