Hugo Cruz Sanchez

Creative Work


  • “Generalized Subjective Lexicographic Expected Utility Representation,” is my first paper, the third-year paper. Available at the link I was granted the Research Assistance Grant under the Program in Empirical Policy Research (PEPR) of Wallis Institute at the University of Rochester (one of the Honors listed on page Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants) for this paper.

  • Master thesis "UM ESTUDO SOBRE RENT-SEEKING E SEUS EFEITOS SOBRE A ACUMULAÇÃO DE CAPITAL E BEM ESTAR"(A STUDY ABOUT RENT-SEEKING AND ITS EFFECTS ON CAPITAL ACCUMULATION AND WELFARE" in a free translation). In this work, I extended the analysis in the paper Barelli, P. and Pessoa, S. "A Model of Capital Accumulation and Rent-Seeking", CARESS Working Paper No. 02-06, 2002 (available at to a model with endogenous labor supply.


  • “Coalitional Games: Dual Representation" - This work is based on the following papers:
    Gilboa, I. and Schmeidler, D. (1995). Canonical Representation of Set Functions. Math. Oper. Res. 20 197-212
    Marinacci, Massimo. (1996) Decomposition and Representation of Coalitional Games. Math. Oper. Res. 21.4 1000-015.