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C&D permeate the daily lives of all hierarchies (vertical) and instances (horizontal) in enterprises (eg., companies, public bodies, scientific, etc.). Some C&D are ephemeral or restricted in scope, or of low-impact, but others don‘t (as we suppose from now on).


When C&D may relevantly influence the performance of an enterprise, it becomes mister anticipate scenarios that may arise from each one of the C&D. However, little can be said about these scenarios and the process itself that generated them, if this anticipation is not conducted in a systematic manner, subject to supervision and assessment, and mainly based on empirical evidence whenever possible.


Ad hoc criteria can justify certain C&D, but are often sources of bias that are difficult to assess objectively. As the use of ad hoc criteria is inevitable - justification of "trained feeling" - a more systematic approach, capable of supervision and assessment in anticipation of the scenarios that may arise from each of the C&D is justified as a cautious way to proceed.


This approach systematizes metrics for design and assignment of importance to each scenario linked to each C&D, as well metrics for performance supervision and assessment of actions arising.


Last but not least, this approach may falsify the process itself of anticipation and decision from the information collected on the performance of the actions resulting from past C&Ds. The accumulation of such information enables the creation of reliability metrics on this process, leading to continuous revisions and improvement (learning).


We use Analytics to address C&D.


  1. First, we transform our client‘s problems in mathematized problems - the complete cycle: the definition of the data to be collected, the collection methods, the metrics to be used, the analysis techniques and visualization of derived information, etc. - and we create a theoretical FRAME to the problem.

  2. Then we choose the most appropriate methods, with the most interesting results, accordingly to the kind of problem.

  3. Oh, yes, then we produce the report. And the presentations. And we are always available to answer any questions. Always.

  4. We work with both ongoing projects and specific projects, or even with ongoing service.

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